Route King Training, LLC is a multifaceted company that offers top notch in-season and off-season speed and agility training that prides itself on taking athletes to the next level.

No matter what your skill level, sport, girl or boy, professional or amateur we want to elevate your game by offering an array of services that includes but not limited to speed training, agility work, strength, core, conditioning as well as position or sport specific drills. We work with athletes ages 5-10 (youth), 11-13 (Middle School), 14-18 (High School), Collegiate and Professional levels! We also offer academic tutoring as well as nutritional plans. Let Route King Training be your next step into your future!

This man has changed my sons work ethic into what I always perceived it to be!!! What more could be said except try him out and see for yourself!!!!
Bobby Armstong
I agree and same with my son work ethic and determination is on another level and cant wait until tommorow appreciate everything Route King!
Javon Manley
Route King had my 8u baby grinding!
Zack Carter