Off-season Sports Performance Program

RouteKing Training presents S.P.E.E.D – Scientific Performance Enhancing Explosive Development. This Sports Performance Camp will focus on developing athletes overall skill, biomechanics, acceleration, reaction, and more! Each athlete will receive advanced level training daily. The camp will include strength training, speed & agility training, pool & aquatics training, sandpit training, core training, indoor & outdoor sessions. Each camper will receive a results sheet that will include measurable values for power, watts, stride length, stride   frequency, as well as asymmetry. No need to guess if your S.P.E.E.D has increased, this camp offers the proof!!  *$200 middle school, $225 high school for the month, $250 college for the month. 2 to 3 sessions weekly.  Limited spots available. (10 slots) Sign up now!!

Ideal Attendee:

* Pro Athletes
*Middle School Athletes
*High School Athletes
*College Athletes*Male & Females
*All Sports

ROUTEKING ROOKIE Off-Season (Ages 5-10)

This one hour group training program is for youth ages (5-10) elementary that are novices in speed and agility drills in a group small or private setting. New to sports, this program will teach you the basic fundamentals of running focusing on form and technique. Proper starts and stance, arm motion, knee lift, head position, and running phases are a cornerstone of this option. This program also will feature basic agility drills for those who are beginners and setting the tone for further development. *$150 monthly*

ROUTEKING Pro Off-Season (Ages 11-14)

A step up from the Rookie package, this one hour group training program also targets those kids ages  (11-14) middle school that are a little more advanced than the beginner. The athletes in this program will be able to perform all Rookie level skills with ease and some All-Pro skills in a group or private setting. The athletes in this program would have demonstrated some knowledge of basic running skills and have a good grasp on fundamental agility skills and techniques. *$200 monthly*

ROUTEKING ALL-Pro Off-Season (High school 9th-12th)

Offered in a group or private setting, this one hour training program is for the above average athlete at any age that is ready to learn the more advanced and complicated drills that requires more skill. The athlete in this program can perform All-Pro level drills with ease and is beginning to master some of the Elite level skills. With some years of experience under their belt the athlete at the All Pro level has been exposed to drills that have prepared them to execute smoothly. The athlete is able to display proper starts, stance, and running form as well as understand leverage and
positioning and able to adapt to new drills without multiple reps. *$225 monthly*

ROUTEKING All Star Off-Season (College/Pro)

Offered in a group or private setting this one hour training program is designed for the athlete at any level that has demonstrated exceptional All-Pro skills and is ready for the most intricate drills. The athlete has shown superb running ability as well as quickness in ladder, cones, hurdles and other drills. Considered a veteran, there is nothing the athlete can’t handle and is able to pick up newly designed drills quickly. This level is only for those that have been labeled as “Elite” by their peers, coaches, and/or trainer. Elite level athlete is an expert at proper starts, stance, form, and technique. The Elite athlete can demonstrate to Rookie, Pro, and All-Pro level athletes the correct way to complete certain drills. *$250 monthly*


This one hour training program is designed for the adult client male or female that is looking to get in better shape, tone, or simply maintain a healthier lifestyle.

In a fun and fast paced environment, the training is offered in a small or large group setting. It includes a wonderful array of exercises that are specifically designed to hit the main target areas such as glutes, thighs, arms, and core. You will also receive a meal plan and fitness tips to help meet your goals.

*$30 single session/$200 monthly 3 sessions weekly plus weekend bootcamps* plus $19.97 monthly membership fee


All programs are offered in an individual one on one setting with the trainer and client that lasts an hour. This allows the client to receive personal hands on training and more attention to detail. Any sport and any gender can be accommodated from age 5 to professional. Drills can be designed specifically for Track and field, Football, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, & Softball. Wide Receiver training is a specialty. Sessions scheduled due to availability of client and trainer. *Elementary $50 an hour, Middle and High School athletes $60 an hour, College $60 an hour and Pro $75 an hour*


This program is meant to prepare you for the most important part of the pre-draft process, the Scouting Combine/Pro Day. This program is designed to increase overall stamina, increase speed, enhance techniques in specific drills, increase functional strength, improve overall flexibility, agility and coordination and increase football IQ. Learn the most effective techniques for running the 40 yard dash, pro shuttle, L-Drill, vertical jump, broad jump and more. This program includes weight training, resistance training, position specific drills, track training, and mock testing.


This hour and a half long training is reserved for private same team only sessions. The focus is to allow the athletes to go through drills while competing with their peers in a more focused setting with the trainer where attention to detail is key. In a competitive environment, drills are tailored to meet the needs of the team relative to the specific sport such as football, baseball, basketball, softball, and track clubs to name a few. *Prices based on number of athletes on the team*