Dates: Jan 7th&9th, 11th, 14th&16th, 18th, 21st&23rd, 25th, & 28th&30th **Note all weekday sessions will begin at 6pm sharp, Saturday sessions may vary**

RouteKing Training presents S.P.E.E.D – Scientific Performance Enhancing Explosive Development. This Sports Performance Camp will focus on developing athletes overall skill, biomechanics, acceleration, reaction, and more! Each athlete will receive 2 hours of daily. The camp will include strength training, speed & agility training, pool & aquatics training, sandpit training, core training, indoor & outdoor sessions. Each camper will receive a results sheet that will include measurable values for power, watts, stride length, stride frequency, as well as asymmetry. No need to guess if your S.P.E.E.D has increased, this camp offers the proof!!  *$200 for month(11 sessions) $30 pop in*  Limited spots available. Sign up now!!

Ideal Attendee:

*Middle School Athletes
*High School Athletes
*College Athletes
*Male & Females
*All Sports